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Angry Birds Cake

It's hard to believe that this is my 4th cake that I've done for Logan to celebrate his birthday.  However, it is the cake that almost didn't happen.

Normally, when I'm doing a cake I like to bake it 2 days in advance or at least refrigerate overnight before icing it.  When we arrived home on Thursday evening last week we could hear the generator going in the parking garage.  We just assumed that there had been a power surge prompting the generator to start up.  However, to get an elevator to come to L1 took about 10 minutes.  This meant that only one elevator was working with the generator going.  We got home and had full power.  Woohoo!  Then I went to get the water to mix the cocoa powder into and that's when I realised we had very little water pressure.  Didn't even clue in that that meant no water.  Crap!  A message came over the speaker advising that Toronto Hydro was on their way to fix the problem.  I thought, okay, I will bake the cake in the morning.  No such luck, still no water in the morning.

All day at work I was panicking on what was I going to do.  It got worse when day care called to say that they had to close early because there was no power at all in the building and that Toronto Hydro hoped to get the power up before night fall.  I contemplated buying a cake, but I just couldn't do it.  Thankfully, Lindsay opened up her kitchen.  Not only is she the best friend a girl could ask for, her kitchen is very cool as in cold and lovely to work in when our condo has been 30 degrees in this lovely heatwave.  Actually, I am very fortunate as several of my friends offered up their kitchen.  So blessed!

I packed up everything I could think of that I would need for this cake, including an overnight bag for Miss E.  I was good, only forgot a few things that Lindsay was able to cover.

At 1:30am, after Lindsay and company (including Miss E) had gone to sleep, I was done.  I had sent Mr. T home earlier to check if the everything was back up and running and thankfully it was!  Phew!  If I had been a little more with it, I would have cleaned up the black outline on the angry bird, but oh well!

To save some time I bought a tub of already dyed red fondant and of the "Tiffany" blue from the Bulk Barn.  I was so disappointed in the new brand they are carrying.  I very rarely buy fondant now from the Bulk Barn now that I buy through Flour Confections the FondX brand.  The Bulk Barn used to carry Virgin Ice which was pretty good.  It had amazing comeback powers after it had dried out.  The red was super red.  The Kwik Fondant red is awful!  When I opened it up it was not a brilliant red and rock hard.  Thank goodness Lindsay had some Virgin Ice red that I could use.  When I find the bill I will take it back.  The Tiffany blue was not the same colour that was on the packaging and it was very grainy.  Again, very disappointed. It at least was not rock hard.  I will definitely be emailing them to voice my complaint.

The bottom line though, Logan was thrilled.


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